As well as training and employment, Yateley Industries provides Occupational Day Care for clients that require extra support, with individual developmental activities carried out in our workshop on an on-going basis

The workshop operates from 9am until 4pm Monday to Friday, with a one hour lunch break. The charities office is open from 8:00am to 4pm Monday to Friday.


Yateley Industries has its own factory on-site, which currently employs c.80 disabled people, approx 6 Occupational Day clients and 4 able-bodied support staff.

Because of the funding streams we are able to compete on price and quality with mainstream outlets. The factory is operated on a commercial basis and our customers are gained through competition with mainstream providers. The work we do in our factory is in the fields of specialised packing, which includes machine shrink wrapping, boxing and bar coding. We also undertake light assembly and hand packing work.


As an additional source of commercial income, Yateley run a dedicated delivery and collection service for new and old cooking oil.  If you would like to enquire further about this service, please call our office on 01252 872337 or use the contact page on our website.


Yateley Industries has been in existence for more than 80 years. Although there have been other sheltered factories and accommodation around the country for disabled people, with the decreasing income from Central Government and the Local Authorities, these factory facilities have reduced until there is now only a handful in existence.

With ever decreasing incomes, Yateley Industries has sought to identify other opportunities to provide an income and to continue to support our residents and employees. Therefore, apart from the work we do in our factory, we have opened a charity shop, built further accommodation (enabling us to assist more people in need) and have leased part of our premises to a restaurant entrepreneur (La Galleria).


On an individual basis, and where appropriate, Yateley Industries assist people with disabilities to move into mainstream employment and ‘independent’ living. For people who are able to make this transition, Yateley, through their dedicated support staff, monitor and enable this transition to take place, ensuring it is successful and sustained.

Initially this is done with the financial support from Yateley and with a joint arrangement with the employer. Yateley Industries will oversee the initial placement to ensure that the arrangement is satisfactory and sustainable to all the parties. In time as the employee progresses and settles into their new role, our support is gradually withdrawn.


Referrals may be made via a Social Worker, DEA (Disability Employment Advisor) at the Job Centre or direct by any interested party or prospective employee. Yateley Industries recruits nation-wide and are willing to consider people with any disability.

After an initial informal interview and tour of the Industries, the following procedures are employed.

Living Assessment – If applicable, a twenty working day residential assessment, funded by the Social Services Department local to the applicant. During this period the applicant would be assessed in all aspects of Yateley’s work, social integration and independent living skills by our support and production staff.

Work Trial – If a suitable vacancy exists and assessment has been deemed to be successful by all parties, the applicant would be employed and undergo on-the-job training at Yateley Industries for a couple of days per week over 4 weeks. During this time, the resident (if applicable) would be transferred to a shared bungalow where their living skills would be developed. At this stage long term funding is required from the applicant’s Social Services Department.